I'm a system and computational neuroscientist. I started my scientific journey with Physics, and after my undergrad in Physics I continued with neuroscience. I did my PhD in Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, in Logothetis lab and a short post-doc in Peter Dayan's lab. I recently started my group, Computational Machinery of Cognition (CMC) lab.

Recent news

CMC lab has just opened!

I have started my group at the Medical Campus of TU Dresden. At the Computational Machinery of Cognition (CMC) lab, we want to understand the computations that support our cognition, and also the multi-scale machinery that implements these computations. We closely collaborate with experimental and computational labs to develop new tools, computational models, and experimental paradigms to understand the computational machinery of cognition.

Talk at World Wide NeuRise!

I gave a talk at World Wide NeuRise about our recent work on "signatures of criticality in efficient coding networks". You can watch the recorded talk from the link above and read more details in our preprint.

New paper published in Neuron!

Our paper with Peter Dayan on "Multistability, Perceptual Value, and Internal Foraging" has just been published in Neuron. We propose a new framework for understanding perceptual multistability based on value-based decision-making instead of the passive Helmholtzian inference.

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