I'm a system and computational neuroscientist [in training]. I started my scientific journey from Physics, and after my undergrad in Physics I continued with neuroscience. I did my PhD in Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, in Logothetis lab with theme of establishing a bridge between different scales by exploting the cooperative neural activities. At the moment, I'm a post-doc in Peter Dayan's lab and doing computational pychiatry. Feel free to check my broader research here.

Recent news

New theory preprint!

A new theory preprint on quantifying the relationship between point processes (like spikes) and continuous signals (like LFPs).

2 new preprint about visual awarness!

Two new preprints on neural mechanism involved in visual awarness. One on decoding the contents of visual awareness from PFC neural populations, and the other one on the relationship between PFC [persumued] state fluctuations and perceptual switches.

2 accepted abstract in Cosyne 2020!

Two accepted abstract in Cosyne 2020. One on a multivariate method for investigating spike-LFP coupling (II-48), and the other one on signatures of criticality observed in efficient coding network (I-100).

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