CMC lab Computational Machinery of Cognition

Short-term projects projects (e.g., master thesis)

Below is the list of short-term projects projects (including thesis projects). They might need be further tailored according according to your program need (e.g., length of the internship or rotation).

Project code Project theme Related research program(s) Contact person
bne_msc_gen01 In collaboration with experimental labs (e.g., Oliva-Fernandez-Ruiz lab) we will identify different neural events and explore their behavioral relevance. MNBD, CFDN Shervin Safavi
crnn_msc_dyn01 In this project we explore how we can relate the low dimensional dynamics of RNN to their counterparts in more plausible biological neural networks. MNBD, CFDN Shervin Safavi
mscri_msc_cebra In collaboration with Roxana Zeraati we will do event-based analysis of large-scale brain dynamics using CEBRA. MNBD, /CFDN Shervin Safavi
cribay_msc_avComp We will examine what neural avalanches (propagating spatio-temporal patterns of spikes in this case) in a functional network of integrate-and-fire neurons code for. CFDN Shervin Safavi
cribay_msc_memPotCri We will examine the scale-freeness of membrane potentials in a functional network of integrate-and-fire neurons. CFDN, MNBD Shervin Safavi