CMC lab Computational Machinery of Cognition

CMC lab

Computational Machinery of Cognition (CMC) lab is based at the Medical Campus of TU Dresden. As the name of the lab suggests, we want to understand the computations that support our cognition, and also the multi-scale machinery (neurons, …, large-scale networks) that implements these computations. We closely collaborate with experimental and computational labs to develop new tools, computational models, and experimental paradigms to understand the computational machinery of cognition.

Latest updates

PhD opening for analysis of neural events

We have an opening for a PhD student for analysis of neural events. Please check here for more details on theme of the research question, and here for the official advertisement.

CMC lab interest mailing list

We will be building the team in the next few months (starting with openings for PhD students and master students). Check our research, and it resonates with yours, and you may like to join the lab in the future, please feel free to fill out the form below at least with your name and email to get the future announcements. We will use project/call-specifc forms in the future, however, if you want, please feel free to fill the optional fields as well.

CMC lab birthday

In October 2023, the Computational Machinery of Cognition (CMC) Lab, just started at the Dresden University of Technology (Technische Universität Dresden or TU Dresden), Faculty of Medicine. Let’s celebrate CMC lab birthday! Check our research.